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Crazy Color Anarchy UV #76

6.99 5.00
‘Cause I want to be anarchy! More daring than ever Anarchy UV is Crazy Color’s most vibrant orange shade, which

Crazy Color Caution UV #77

6.99 5.00
Crazy Color Caution UV #77 It’s LIT! Caution UV is a highlighter yellow that glows in both natural and UV

Crazy Color Rebel UV #78

6.99 5.00
Crazy Color Rebel UV #78 Nothing is ever really pink enough, Rebel UV is as bright as it get’s poppin’

Crazy Color Semi – Permanent Haarverf


Please note results on light brown hair will be tonal and not to the color in the bottle or shown in the picture. The color can differ then shown in the catalogue.

  Check for the colors on the bottles.

Crazy Color Toxic UV #79

6.99 5.00
Crazy Color Toxic UV #79 It’s NEON – Introducing TOXIC UV, This ultra glowing green is not for the faint-hearted.