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Deva Curl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam Lightweight Body Booster 7.5oz

37.99 30.39
Why You Need It If you like your waves or curls to be on the va-va-voluminous side, add this to

DevaCurl ARC Angel Maximum Hold No Crunch Styler 12oz

31.99 25.59
Why You Need It Because every crown of curls sometimes needs extra support. This maximum hold formula with chamomile, lemongrass,

DevaCurl B’Leave-in Miracle Curl Plumper 6oz

31.99 25.59
Why You Need It Want plumper curls? B’leave-in this! This lightweight, curl-boosting gelée with a blend of wheat protein, lemongrass

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair 8oz

37.99 30.39
Why You Need It Looking for a slice of (conditioning) heaven for extremely dry curls? Look no further! This much-loved

DevaCurl Light Defining gel Soft Hold No-Crunch Styler 12 oz

31.99 25.59
Why You Need It Love gel but fear the dreaded crunch? This soft hold gel gives you the definition you’re

DevaCurl low-poo original Mild Lather Cleanser 12 oz

31.99 25.59
Why You Need It If you’re looking for some lather with your dose of essential moisture, then Low-Poo is for

DevaCurl no-poo original Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser 12oz

31.99 25.59
Why You Need It Traditional shampoo can be too harsh for curls. That’s why we made No-Poo Original! The non-lathering

DevaCurl One Condition Original Daily Cream Conditioner 12oz

31.99 25.59
Why You Need It Nothing can ruin a good curl day faster than dryness and frizz. That’s where One Condition

DevaCurl Styling Cream 5.1 Oz

36.99 29.59
Styling Cream is a moisturizing styler that leaves your curls shiny without the crunch. The creamy formula with jojoba and

DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler 150 ml

Why You Need It If there was a superhero for curly hair it would be SuperCream! This multitasking, coconut styler

DevaCurl The Curl Maker Curl Boosting Spray Gel 8oz

30.99 24.79
Why You Need It For those times when you need a lift, this spray gel is here for you! The